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Simply Izzy

ooh no, no no no you did not just say "the brown kid"


the 3 bears was dark. Damn guru!!!

1:32 ooh that's me Sometimes my ass gets a little itchy.


I like his voice

gemers pubg

Siapa orang indonesia yg nonton like


This was form llama arts


for the bigfoot side quest u get a diffrent achievment if u play the italian (i have no idea how to spell italian and i am 11 :3) version u get an acheivment that says (i think it says this) you can stop looking CJ.

10 . Suicide

William Grisafi

I do the same thing but I still pass grades in school I don’t get a lot of F grade’s I only get like 2 and yeah I also have a lil bit of depression but I’m proud if it idc about it I just like haveing fun with my online friends sense I’m lonely wich causes my depression

Susan Bertola

ray gun in mw1 ?????????? what the heck thought it was first seen in black ops


The end made me sad.


Jackbishop 18

Panthers or broncos

I kinda regret doing t

Riejanne Tilgenkamp

Wat a horible story by your self! gay is oke. gay people ar always the most nice people.

The man who works out after eating unhealthy food James freind: hello!

Itz haystack 21

We're is the purple hoser

Leila Gallienne

you have been blessed with these amazing types of therapy, without this, you would be dead. you are a selfish girl. no-ones life is perfect. you cant even look on the good side. at least youre alive.


Deus Ex GO... why not in Level 47?


I'm a hockey tailgater!

123 456

o my god ik have my period now for 5 weeks straight its hell in so scared im going to have this to

I didn't know what to write

Hydra Gaming

Not even in your dreams

oliver wong

Kim jong un: sees person giving a scoop of rice


Please stop comparing NY with the Dutch. Unlike Americans, the Dutch don't have politicians who have convinced half the country that scientists and experts are lying to them.

The Brave Little Toaster

Did anyone see robazz

Nathan Calouro

I have a feeling this is my life right


Good for you Sean!!! Halle Berry is an amazing guest for you to have gotten

Dante Rodriguez

Where is cory

Sahaan Lawrence

Who’s watching because it starts tomorrow?

Mrhani 55

+ramus andre falk and if this is the REAL GABE he would not have ONLY 680 SUBS YOU CHINESE KNOCK OFF LOVER

shi gatsu

wait so the release date got moved back and then moved... back?

Aniket Jasoliya

Literally dying after seeing this video 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

... ... ... ... ... ... ..\ : : : : : : : : \: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :|: : : :\|

Babey Tae

I have OCD and suffer alot, i hate germs, i like my things a certain away, im a perfectionist, in my class people sah im really wierd and they make fun of me and they move things around and i have to put them back in a certain order and it triggers me alot and i move things around till teir perfect and do the same things kver and over again.

Mitzi Lou Madrangca



This is a joke ok stop judging me pls