Tackling Alaska's Monstrous Kodiak Arrest Challenge | Man v Food

Adam swings by Humpy's in Alaska to take on their renowned 'Kodiak Arrest Challenge' - a challenge that contains a 7-course sampling of the restaurant's entire menu! Will Adam be able to chow this down within an hour? Subscribe to Food Network UK for more great clips: Food Network UK on Facebook: Food Network UK on Twitter: Food Network UK on Instagram:Visit our website:

Oskar Uribe

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Kabar Shaban

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Maddison Watts

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Awkward_ Bomb

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Itz_gacha Wolf

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Antique Coffin

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Jaden Moore

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Magical dude

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Ever thought about making a cook book with all these recepies? I would absolutely buy that


I think that is one of the best episodes you've made. Amazing job!

Claudia S P

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DillanDillan Lancelance

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