The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (REVIEW)

The disastrous Life of Saiki K is one of those shows that you hear a lot about but never really commit to watching since you just add stuff to your watch list without ever watching any of those.I on the other hand, the intellectual that I am, when I set my mind on something, I achieve it. And so i did...over a year later. BUT AT LEAST I DID IT! This is what I think about Saiki...👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇MY TWITTER: MUSIC: #Saiki #Kusuo

KittyGacha 6137

My only question......

Beta Tide

Great, now I need to find a kid before November 22 so I can go to the theater without seeming weird.


chocolate cake

Floppy Gaming

U guys are lucky cause there’s no snow in Australia 😥😭😭😢😥

I’m In!

they will just have to edit their own video

Barth Household

Voice box again please!


On tall man on a trash can, th was in the back being creepy


GREAT WORK awesome vid <3 :)

Liam Engelbrecht

You guys need to do rugby 🏉

three days high school.

George Robolas

Epic turtle hahahaha#.😗😗😗😗😗

Juan Martinez

I have Aspergersyndrome too I know how this guy feels

Corey Hern II

Do you gise cep the shack

Colten Kennedy

Pause at 0:08 seconds and try not to laugh


How long has it been since you guys have upload a trickshot vids???

Dönner Wetter

I h8 the girl

PJ Da Bomb

Haha he fell of the bike in the end!!


like a BOSS!!! 🙌🏼

O_o o_O

Didn't it already come out?

Armar Thomas

Garret will win

Carlygamer24351 The clown


K*Ships in K*Chups

A N I M A L!

Cash Ledford

I know ty's step nephew

matt ravalli

Do one with Bryce Harper


Why am I crying?

Don't do drugs

super puppy

no wonder i never see ads on your videos.helpful to the viewer, not the creator

Manoj Sharma

Don't be amazed he is Gambit we have been seen him in X men

Dub Simmons

I was supposed to have a big trophy today but we blew the lead from a TO technical and they made both and tied it with.75 seconds left and in overtime they won by 1 point


i love to look you easter eggs

Johnny Vo

I wonder who sponsors them to destroy stuff

LifeWmellisa !

Tyler dunks


Two: What will she do when the pug dies?

Phoenix PUBG

4:00 😂

Floppy Gaming

I live in Australia so we aren’t allowed to hunt animals

Kristina Thompson

the half life 2 at the end.....does that mean a half life 2 vid coming out?

chet bliss

1 like= 1 vote for garret!

František Moldrzyk

Last shot was best😂