The Hated Step Child: A Sad Roblox Movie

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Jonas Gamer

Ok Troll face to coach :D On 5:00


surely the blindfolded shot was a hook shot... which was 71 foot which breaks the earlier record for longest hook shot (70 foot)??


Naruto wants to know your location

Issa Askar

Your better withoutthe hat tyler


There is new story DLC coming next year. Maybe thats how you enter the new story...

Wiendel Pupser


Lukey Boii

9th March 2019 Anyone



The epic You tuber

Coby has a 98% chance no matter how bad you are you are still the best please give me a shout out coby, Tyler, garret, Corey and cody


Also what happens when you shoot all bubble heads?(you know the footbal ones)


love how he lines up the shot...

Kaleb nason


Litea Gaunavou


Galaxy LeviShadow

I honestly thought this was going to be that one thing where a person tries to turn a gay person straight. But no. This surprised me!! It was heartwarming to see you actually saving him from getting beaten. Sh00k

Super_ _Nerd730

TONY!!!! TONY!!!! TONY!!!!

Lisa Campos

Team coby for life

great friend

Olivia J

Y’all made me cry with that dobby shit you pulled at the end

Piin Loko

Piin is here, and she'll make sure you are happy!

Magic Max

The new marvel movie looks awesome

Harrison TIppet

I love my YouTube channelIt is now 19.3.19 I can't belive it

Mr_Smoothie_Guy Yeet



Running a channel just like yours, minus the forehead #YIAYjob

yeni toy

Hey Jeffery honey, I just want to let you know that when you take off your makeup you need to swipe inwards instead of out words😊.

Max Carmichael

January 2019 Anyone?




hey it’s aliyah blogs!

this made me cry and i now have a headache after this vid



It work

Eiriam Smith

It's hard to believe that there are thumbs down to this video.

jannah binalay

no wy thats real😑😑😑


guys from Rockstar probably spent 50% or more in making game's easter eggs :D


Is it just me, or is every second of the trailer a new phone wallpaper?

Peyton k. covers

I have a cystic brain tumor on my pilenelel gland. I am 13. It's been really hard. We are traveling to Texas for treatment. I live in Wisconsin. I can't walk properly anymore. And this made me feel better. I can't explain it thank you for sharing your story

Stephon Leo

Race dirt bikes

Sheena Mani

I like red andblue

Lily Ramirez

Jeffree I’m so sorry for your loss. I understand how you feel, even though Diamond wasn’t my own, it’s still so heartbreaking to hear her passing. Rest In Peace little Diamond. Don’t push yourselves please, take as much time from social media and creating videos please, we all just want y’all to get better. We love y’all

Yoandi Navarro

I subscribed and hit the notification button

Richard Smith

I'm ready to die, I feel like everything in my life that I was supposed to go thru has happened I'm ready for the other side.

Kiara Victoriano