The Internet's Cringiest Dating Show

Finding love is tough, so thank god we have things like YouTube dating shows. More specifically, thank god we have "Bestie Picks Bae" made by Seventeen magazine. I was sent this video by one of my subscribers and I realized I couldn't tackle it on my own, so I brought along my best buddy Dean along for the ride. Enjoy the internet's worst dating show! MY SOCIAL MEDIA:• MERCH:• PODCAST:• SOCIAL MEDIA:• PODCAST:• ME ON CAMEO:• BOX:1488 Queen Street WestPO BOX 90109 Parkdale POToronto, OntarioCanadaM6K 1L0thanks for watching!comment "i love jon a ton" if ur reading this#kurtisconner


Dude perfect is perfect at getting subscribers too!


Billy,s pose was the best because Ty was just showing off

Did someone notice???

Luke Close

The stadium is tiny

Mario Meireles

Congrats for 1 million subs!

nInA ASMR ! !

WoW this is a pretty story

arafath shaik

I have dis all symptoms, malon:oh ok doooo doooo doooo

Isabela Sanchez


Alison Jones

Is anyone still watching for 2019?

Joshua G1220

cool my friend

Cynthia Garcia



Aaaw shit man I love a tribe called quest

FarCry Blood Dragon




jeff is panda

Matt Crocker

Nice shots!!


that "easter egg" easter egg joke is getting old....

Respondona Tucci

My mom always had been yelling so much and ignoring my negative feelings

Henry Crotty

mn twins


I wish I was one of you


i'd probably be the anxious type (:

The Girlies

Ethan had the blanket on the whole video

Deloris Holmes

Nobody notice that coby hit his head on the ground and everyone was worried about tie

i'm studying to become a lawyer and while i do get upset at these stories where there could've been more things done you have to understand that more often than not, people lie

Me:Child I cant even get a C in history ._____.



Sheeba Lijo

Tyler acts so gay in this vid

Himang Khanna

Hi! I really liked the setup which was in finale and that cool nerf guns