Things you never hear in school assembly | Mock the Week - BBC

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The do spinner is too cool

Thunder Andy

Frozen is really successful

aabed mohamed

I support red team

Omerta Argue

He’s so accurate af


Hold up... the Portal one can't be considered an easter egg because Suicide Blitz was a community made map

Sandy Camila Gonzales Murati

Is a amezing



Girl with a pearl earring should have been on this list

rhea waterfall

It’s really sad how he lost his first friend.


3:18 dog in the back door

"...I suppose we all do, one way or another"

MadieZ 2004


Jack Hunt



wow she sounds like an awful human being

Миша Федоров

Hello! I Russian boy)

Abrielle Pokorny

Nethier. Panda was the only good one.

Thu Tran


Mohammed Zaid Shoukath

2:04 this is how fruit ninja irl is done.

Ewan Rudolph

On the zombie jump scare that building was a hidden tree made in wwll

Effecter Neospi

holy fuck that cinema Easter egg was annoying as fuck

VinnieVinn Kastberg

I'm definetely pre-ordering this game 10 months in advance just because of Keanu fucking Reeves!

Makayla Sejkora

Toy Story haha!




Anxious and Secure. Sometimes a little bit of Monika Avoidant.

Pyro Gaming Inc

"You can't use water to put out a metal fire"

Izzy CheezeItzy

What part of Texas do you guys live in i live near killeen

Mārīte Aizgrāve

Tha't song is from meme 1 round


ty what is faster than a horse riding a donkey...a donkey riding a horse

matteo pizzo

This new God of war looks dope af

Carlos Fuentes

Alguien es de MÉXICO o solo yo

westan _

1:52 me


When is your next overtime

It’s the truth

eminem is the best celebrity

Someones a PeDo

Larry Ryan

Garret is so smart yea just get the double engine bream garret all the eay

Cirrus Gorringe

3:06 ps its a penis

Jillian McIntire

lol yes or yes I want you I can come to your mom house or come over to your house

Official Eduardo

i’m still listening to neva cared😂


Now that i think about it i have ocd cause whenever boys touch me i go and take a shower

Tyler Comeau

The Doge Mode Also Works With The Big Head Gun.

Brianna Lee

Children are 100 percent pee

Zander Markovics


panda man

LeBron sucks

Larisse Alves Soares

Nossa eu sou do Brasil hehehehe




one of the trophy/achievement titled "Would You Kindly" is an infamous quote from Bioshock

Vslentin hibo

I think the Swisher Shot was my Favourite

Jeddy Bear

As an epileptic, this story hits kind of close to my heart. Just know that you are not alone.

Rendrei Liam Lasmarias

purple rocket:)))


what dies that lady mean when the crowd almost cheered they were cheering

Lauren Are

No offense, but this girl's voice is lowkey annoying. Are these people actors and actresses because she sure does sound like one because she sounds annoying as f-ck