Throwing A Foam Airplane Off A HUGE Mountain

SUBSCRIBE!: THIS VIDEO: Live Stage Show: As a kid I LOVED when my parents took me to a store that had foam gliders. We would always play with them until the wings broke off and could not be repaired with duct tape. However, I always wondered how far a foam glider would fly if it were thrown off of an incredibly high platform… like a mountain!?!@! We hiked up to the tallest point we had access too (Mt. Allen in the Santa Monica Mountains) and threw our glider out into the wind. The result was MIND BLOWING!!! I’m so proud of our little foam glider/GoPro set up. The footage is so beautiful. And the reason all of this is even possible is because of the wing of the plane. The wing has a special shape that allows for “lift”. Lift is generated when there is high pressure below the wing and low pressure above it. The explanation for how this happens is actually very advanced. The full explanation can be found here: Nickipedia Twitter: Website: Team: Writer/Producer: Nick Uhas Editor: Griffin LewisDP: Sam MoscoSources:

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