TOFU PĪRĀDZIŅI + 3 vienkāršas DIP mērcītes

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Her: it was an iPhone

Fairy Tale Reform School Lover

Life is more important then Money!!!! People shouldn't have to pay to save a loved ones life.

Kevin Mincey

My heart hurt when a funwithguru vid ends



diana zuwena

TRAGIC. Stay strong.

Euan Mort

Poor lad. I know a few people who go through such bad cases. One of them having to go to hospital weekly, and a few with abusive classmates. I being one of those abusive classmates back in primary school. Young, stupid, severely autistic, and we’d all bully our youngest and smallest classmate who didn’t have any friends but one. It wasn’t until our junior years we began to lighten up to him. I still feel great regret for teasing him for it. In fact, these days, he’s my height.


okay, easter eggs in easter eggs.

My other grandpa was a police in Santa Monica and got runned over by a truck when my dad was five. I never met himm yet I love him so much. I don’t have any grandpas anymore. My dad is 63 now. And I want to see one of my grandpas

LPS Little Foot

Yas Queen 👑 😘😍

Gijs Kuijken

i Mean going to stop with Y.T


Garret is the panda

purple Earkle

What program did you use to make this?

d e m

wait it’s that john ducking wick?

Yum Gum

Rage monster

Tomas Hatala

Super konečně český názef


Those double z’s in stilazzi are pronounced the same way as pizza, or an even better example would be paparazzi. It sounds Italian. Love your videos 🥰

fight me ill cyka

Mysterious man was gavin

jaiden pees on wallet


Too many children commenting. Lol wtf...

I give them both the win.

Borna Gamer

gta 5 wins

Hari Adhikari



In Saints Row The Third you can find the bunny on a ship with a net over it. Someone caught the bunny.

Tanner Grinnell

You can tell it is not the first shot when they make it because they always have different shirts


little blueberry sans

5:14 I am also that 2% that does not watch games of throne's

Yessennia Ortez-Reeves

Cody is a cheater

Remi Galvan

I'm your biggest fan

Luke Carson

i have school tomorrow and I’m staying up late

Angel Doggo

That’s so sad-


So this is the cure for Loneliness in the future


Actually, a flying disc is called a frisbee


Happy New Years everyone

Nathaneel Balauag