Top 10 Jobs in Canada 🇨🇦 2019 (with Salary) | skills in demand

The video is about top 10 jobs in Canada in terms of openings and salaries.Students: Make sure you choose the right program and course.Immigrants: Upgrade your skills set to fit in.

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Andrew Williams

Don't know about the rest of you but StarKiller will always be the coolest!!


rumored for years? no cod idiots started that when bf3 was over and bf4 was being advertised.

Márton Szabó

My grandfather died of bowel cancer, when I was 5 year old, at 20th August (in Hungary this day is a holiday)...

Shubham Dawadi

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John Miles

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Magical TiTans

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Brandon Bjornson

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Fanny Main

This is very relatable i had the exact same problems fake friends thinking im an outcast and stupid and more.


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Nicolette Ramirez

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Kellan Dzik

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Unknown 75

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Yunior Gamboa

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Edy Suryadi

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jamo4 Brown

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Slytherin Queen

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Kane Reid

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Chris Duncan


Morgan Campbell

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Andrew Thomas

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Did the #9 guy die of a heartattack? Also: Undertale easter eggs! Or play it!


Next episode: Grand Theft Auto V

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Grim Reaper

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Treasure Liggon

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Gus Demarchi

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