Top 5 Anime Like My Hero Academia (Component Analysis)

Breaking down the various aspects that make Boku no Hero Academia / MHA / BnHA great and giving my heartfelt anime recommendations for those pointsAnime Mentioned:Honerable Mentions: Similar Top Long ShounensOne PieceKatekyou Hitman RebornHunter x Hunter 2011Naruto1. Classroom Setting & Cast Development:Soul EaterAssassination Classroom2. Anime SuperHero Breakdown:One Punch ManTiger & Bunny3. Similar Top Sports Anime:Hajime no IppoDiamond no AceEyeshield 21Haikyuu!4. Similar to MHA Anime Recommendation:History's Strongest Student Kenichi5. Similar to MHA Anime Recommendation:World Triggerno, no Kakegurui here thankfully :)


"To stop a Gaben, take control and press the Gaben" -The Gaben Song

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I’ve been dealing with a mix of both of these and what’s really helped for me is when I feel it coming on I take time to ground myself and breath, it’s harder said than done but with practice it helps, also positive affirmations and positive thoughts help, something as simple as saying to yourself every night “tomorrow I’m going to have a good day regardless of what happens” goes a long way, hope this helps someone out


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