U.S.S. Midway 2 - The galley

Pretty industrial. The fake food looked really good. One of the few perks about serving on an aircraft carrier is the food.

Robin Coper

how was thats.

Temp name

yeah lol

Shannon Crosby

1:10 the blue things creating the pink fire look like Whispies from Brave1:14 the fire creates flowers in the tree that are the same flowers from TangledAnd 1:30 aren’t those the stones from Brave??

Yak goes Ack

Okay okay so as soon as she said “I come from a religious family” I thought by saving him you meant turning him straight and I was bout to go rabid dog. I know a lot of these are probably fake but if it isn’t THATS A GOOD PERSON RIGHT THERE

Mostafa Cheaib

Who is the guy that says dude perfect in the beginning of the video?!?!?!


sad,no character that uses fire.

🔇Be quiet John might see us


Gustavo Ruiz

Nice one

Connor Lilley

So every one needs attention in some way and this is how he gets his, not by real people.

sophia lippold

That was so crazy


Friendly reminder that this video isn't about which gender is better or which one deserves more respect- both are just as as strong as each other and deserve respect. My fellow ladies, we wouldn't even have kids someday if it weren't for sperm, something made by... you'll never guess.. men. But also, men, we ARE going through hours of pain. Ultimately, both genders are as important as each other. Got that? Good, guys. Also, I think a lot of us do need to lighten up, a lot of people are clearly making jokes. Any decent human knows and unerstands the pain pregnant women go through. Thanks.

Serik Mesker Irwin

He retwisted his dreads I think 😕 I liked his old hair it kinda looked like freeform

and they running fast

Mr Yulvan


Eleven 011

Who's Hyped for season 3?

Salim Salin



I have a headache now


@FunWithGuru  Can i add you on PS4? I can inbox you my PSN ID.

Gaurav Thapa

i find your work great but interestingly not much subscribers.....

JackyBoy2007 GD

I came here for lebron


Its hiro!!!!!

Big Fungus

Servers are down

The Talking Table


Huntsman 79



Never ever stop making these videos do this all your life

William Santos Abejuela Jr

R.I.P panda

mrCleanie jr

Next Video:

Karen Conteh

I live in Orlando Florida and the closest beach is a hour away coco beach.

Holito Zhimomi

Am pregnant too and I am so happy for you guys I know and can feel how you guys are feeling exactly.... It’s the same experienced to me😘😘 love from India.


That looks more like a hockey stick than a 7 iron


Why didn't he pick mewtwo or mew or arricuno

Cc and Niya

Hey ace familyyy ❤️❤️❤️

Alex Romero

What's the powder stuff they use in the bottle on big foots head? And one know what it is and where you can get it?


only thing missing is the old man in toy story fixing woody


Y'all need to do cam newton


i wonder how you find these out? ProGlitcher ftw!

Sheila Wadsworth

You guys are my favourite youtubers

Carolina Escobar

That’s not true you are precious just the way the way you are

Blessing Akobi

Is it just me or when the girl said she was going to where I live in Massachusetts I was like.

xd Procyprus

4:30 tyler hit the thing yiu can see it moving

John Blome

What is your favorite broth?

jas patel

Cobby wins