What ANIME do foreigners in Japan REALLY watch?! Do they watch anime at all?

Do foreigners come to Japan because of Anime or not? What anime do or don't the foreigners in Japan watch?☆CATHY CAT CHANNEL!Japanese fashion Youtuber|原宿ファッションユーチューバーon the top right of the screen to access the related videos and playlists.関連動画やプレイリストの確認は、画面の右上をクリックしてください。【FRIENDS】風香 / Fuka : / Cheena : / Nanakone : : : / MIRAI NO RYU : TV|Broadcasting Japanese Subculture】▼KAWAII♡PATEENKawaii Makeup Tutorials|日本の「カワイイ」を発信▼LET'S PLAY JAPANLet's play video games with Japanese|外国人と一緒にゲーム実況DrawingAnime & Manga Drawing Tutorials|イラスト&アニメの絵かき講座in JAPANFunny & Amazing Japanese culture|外国人から見た日本を紹介JAPANESEJapanese people voices|日本人の生の声をお届けするsite

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Anna: I won’t let anything happen to her Giant thing: I’m coming to end this girl’s whole career

Bichir Bros

Cool vid

Brayan Chaparro

hahahaha the panda fell

teresa cintron

And your sisters

Video Gamer42

What is going on

Luke Medson

Thankyou Guru <3

Ches Beta

I think the third episode should do the same as the other two: demonstrate what is like to live with anxiety. However, I would like to see how Ann learns to deal with Anxiety. I like this series. 😊


Soooo, You put easter eggs in Your easter egg videos then made an easter egg video about Your easter eggs in your easter eggs videos. Can things get more confusing???

Dave Hermes Igharas

2:01 hahaha, wth

Weston Maier

This is so nice. No obnoxious voiceover (not that voiceovers are always bad - but you know what I mean), no unnecessary video padding, and excellent use of the source material. Thank you!

jazz 0805

Make more of this series pleaseeeeeeeeee

Daniel Contreras

the 9 one i didnt get i didnt get it

Owen Rohm


La Cueva

The Pizza Planet truck is in The Incredibles too, in this video, at 0:40, play the video at the slowest speed and you'll see it. Observe the bottom right hand corner at all times...


the way to 100 Ep..



Don't apologize when the PC Police raise their ugly heads. No one is espousing rape or pulling a Cosby. These movies (even the most recent) are based on a different era, and no aspect of them then (or now) is realistic. By the way, the Thunderball super cut reaction wins! Good stuff.


Hahahh 2:32 Brrrrrrrrrrr bufff

My bffs 8 year old next door neighbor is sitting here with cancer.

Garrett Jacobs

Ty is going every dunk

OLe Jack Green The weird green guy

Make yourself LEGALIZED then !

Riley O’Brien



it took more than 100 tries i think

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OMG!!!!!!! Lebron James . You are awesome

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Don’t do drugs kids 😏

Mbemba Gassama


Richard Luncan

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi

Logannn 07

What that beat (Called)?

Fady Ehab

But how did u know that when they said 'you wont remember this convention'????

Okky FN

my fav edition

Happily ever after (woo)

miranda sushi

MORE COW BELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!