Yummy cooking egg of duck recipe - Cooking skill

Hi every one welcome to visit my channel is talk about primitive catch and cook in forest life style.Please subscribe me to view more videos thank you and i will show you the Yummy cooking egg of duck recipe.Wish you good luck for your life bye bye..

Ruttkay Peter

If they use a Tron legacy disc as frisbee that would be epic!


Am i the only one that is wearing adidas and watching this?

Mr. GalaxY

Basket•Bracket Shoot

Nami 7_7_7

I feel like I’ve got something wrong but I’m not sure what it is... these videos do trigger me though, I get an intense anxiety feeling knowing I could

Mustache Controller

21 savage is that you


that yeaahhhh at 20:19 shows water coming out of his mouth😂


I Disliked for tree

Nevaeh Is a potato

First of all what kinda person would apply for the job if the P.E teacher when they can’t even fucking do their job

nikole g

if this isn’t the most wholesome video i’ve watched idk what is.

Matt Rowe

I don’t have any friends, but still a great video

Abdullah Lunat

It's cool


Ooh when your waiting for a match to start but the music is too loud so you cant hear the video your watching (video idea)


I've mentioned this before on other videos that talk about this, but I believe the creepy sounds in Splatoon are simply distorted sounds of the trains on the surface. You can even hear the bell on the train, and I believe some of the screeching noises are just from the wheels on the rails.

Caleigh Fox

Team ty

mayito_sanchez08 Sanchez

I love texas if it is in el paso I will go out there


Wait I saw this a week ago in my recommend 🤔 well I've gone insain 🤷🙆🥺😋

Alexbam 05 music

I’m so sorry for your loss I wish I could of helped it’s better to be alive than dead

Samuel Wallace

you should film at lambeau field

Avery Blue

I think I have it

Cee Gee

I fucking love your song choices

Anyways, you are the bravest, courageous and never giving up girl I've ever known about!💖💖💖💖💖💖👍👍👍


WOW. I guess the comments are edited because no one is pointing out that this opening number is in almost every way the same as Neil Patrick Harris' in 2013... I mean, James is good, don't get me wrong but it's easy to be good when you copy someone great... For those who haven't seen it, "Bigger", 2013 Tony Awards opening number. ;)

Eric Champlin

Must've been really scary for those who witnessed 9/11. Poor pilot. Rest in peace.

Ricardo Noé Montemayor Leos

nice video, keep it up dude



Jak x was great.

Pedro Martinez

yes Mr domo kan kick is on five

LINK in Park

the first easter egg reminded me of gravity falls, when Soos freed the inflatable ducks


I have a suggestion for a song that you could use for another video like this. Now I can finally subscribe lol


Omg is Scott Mcal in real life



Kaden Grupczynski

Ice hockey stereotype


Amazing, simply fucking amazing. The switch up, on point indefinitely!!


Love your videos

Milan Maksimovic

Just want to say thanks for changing my life thank you😉

Lego Indiana Jones the first game.



Baccardi 151

Thank you so much for these videos guru! every single one is alot of fun to watch it makes my day (:

모두에게 감사드립니다!

• estrella

I love how every time Ethan and Grayson yell at each other emma just hides😂😂

Anonymous Sis

This girl is sad and she needs to be better man excuses bro


Massimo Kunath

you are so sick


The pub is infact the same! The bird (pelican) on the glass is exactly the same

we are gonna bulid walls against mexico,huawei,and sea water

eden indahouse

Dude perfect ar zow ameizin

Aleya Akter faruk

That is so cool video in the YouTube

Blylorenzo Halo Mega Bloks

Don’t forget about the arthas/ anduin Lordaeron cinematic. Similarities that in itself is a Easter egg for the old Warcraft 3 players

h2h2 productions

I saw a lost dog pic in Wreck It Ralph and it was Bolt missing

Rick Sanchez

5:27 damn, i still miss that kid... One of a kind.

Mike DeLaire

$347 buys a lot of food to give to a food bank. Me- “wait hold on. Aren’t the ppl that are part of the lgbtq+ community the ones who are sinning like just saying.”

Lucas Diaz

It turns out the school was gay all along

LPJ Productions

who else noticed the pour over from the coffee taste test 2:03

Alex Martin

I think coby should win

גורדון סטיבנסון



Have some one seen the metallic dog have moved his head when the first round started I am scared

Sekitofa Fifita

man the panda trying to get out of the tree is hilarious man he straight fell on his ass

A massive Weeb

Wow. I assumed breaking the room with the crowbar would trigger some kind of half life 3 parody or a bunch of head crabs would jump at you