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Ethan Hooper

Nooooooooo I cri evry tim ;,,,,,, C

Paavai R.K

Hey do you write comics? If not you should definitely try them at webtoon or webcomics. You are just so good.

Beatriz Yukie

This made me cry


break me off a piece of that kit kat bar

Leonardo Matencio Ibarra

im spanis sorry

I Vvv

does the American dream spawn in several spots or just that one

Nathan Butt

All sport golf battle 2!!!!


You all Godless people that don’t trust Jesus and have no faith.

Kaylee Yi

this is so sad.


I have anxiety, i dong have panic attacks though. But when someone raises their voice at me i feel like choking. I hate it because i want to have the power i lost, but my damn anxiety is taking that away, all i want is to be stronger than he was, but its not happening yet. Usually i can stop my choking by convincing myself im dreaming or that its not important, it usually works but sometimes it doesnt and it gets annoying. I can usually dissociate on command during these so its fine.


This is gold

Josh u

2:10 on the right isn't that bloody faces basement? From AHS?

logan lee


LukeO'Gaming 2

I am a i IVF child and I have to guardian angel brothers that were miscarriages

Supriya Tarlekar

Guys your millions of subscribers live in India and you are not coming here 😫😫

naeem anwar

Plz support pewdiepie

Palma 98

Gta 5 vin

The Furry With no money

You got a lot of time on your hand

Awkward City

I can relate, even with the doggo thing lol. Except while he does help with my depression a little I still be struggling with just life-ing. I life enough to make sure his lil cute self gets food and his feathery siblings get food and water and are cared for. I'm not glad that people go through the same thing or similar things that I do but I'm glad I'm not alone. Even though that sounds kinda fecked up thinking about it...

Bailey Honda

yes!!! i always wanted a virus on my computer!


“cute red head boy”

Mjb Mjb

Wats making the weight, could be magnets